Selected Publications & Working Paper

(2018). The Attribution of Responsibility in United Nations Security Council Resolutions, 1946-2015. Working Paper.


(2017). Nonviolent Resistance and Peaceful Turnover of Power. In Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, 23(4).

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(2016). Cultural Bias in the Perception of Foreign Policy Events. In Global Cooperation Research Papers, 14.


(2016). Nonviolent Resistance and the Quality of Democracy. In Varieties of Democracy Institute – Working Paper, 3.

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(2016). The Democratic Dividend of Nonviolent Resistance. In Journal of Peace Research, 53(6): 758-777.

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(2014). Actor-networking the ‘failed state’ — an enquiry into the life of concepts. In Journal of International Relations and Development, 17(1):30-60.

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(2012). The Consequences of Divide-and-Rule Politics in Africa South of the Sahara. In Peace Economics, Peace Science and Public Policy, 18(3).

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Cabinet politics in Africa

What are the causes and consequences of cabinet politics in Africa?

Causal Reasoning in the Social Sciences

How do empirical researchers make causal inferences?

Knowledge production in International Relations

Knowledge production and scientific progress in the discipline of International Relations

Nonviolent Resistance and Democratic Consolidation

How does nonviolent resistance influence democratic consolidation?